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Monday, January 23, 2006

Getting some bids on the blanket!

I'm really excited! I have 16 bids on the blanket! There are two bidders going back and forth and so far its up to $18.55! It's not quite up to my reserve price but it's way better than the first bid of $5.99. This is so cool!

I also put two decorative glass tea light candle holders up for auction today. Personally, I love making these and giving them as gifts. With all of the different beads, stones and glass holders to choose from, I'm always coming up with new styles!

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Re-listed the baby blanket

Well I re-listed the baby blanket and I put it into a different category. I did a little research and noticed that the handmade blankets in the baby category were getting a lot more bids and they were higher than the blankets in the crafts category where I had it before. Hopefully that will make a difference.

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Update on first auction...

Well the blanket had a bid but it was very low and there were no other bidders. Since the bid did not meet my reserve price ($35), I can re-list the blanket at no cost and hope someone will be interested. E-bay suggests that to sell the blanket I should lower my reserve price but I feel if I do that I won't be getting a fair return for all of the hours it takes to make a blanket. So I'll be listing it at the same price and we'll see what happens. If nothing comes of it, I'll have to reconsider my reserve price. Wish me luck!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Another auction item

Here's my latest auction item! I saw these scarves all over the place this year so I thought I'd try to make one. Crocheting with fun fur took some getting used to but I really like how it turned out. The pretty light pink color goes well with many colors and it makes a fun accessory to any outfit!

I was checking my other e-bay items this afternoon and was very surprised to see that someone has made a bid on my first item, the baby blanket. It really made me happy to see that someone has an interest in something I've made. Here's to hoping for more bidders!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My latest creation

This is my latest ebay auction item. It's a fashionable, crocheted floppy brimmed hat. The color is a bright Cherry Red and it's made of worsted yarn. This has was inspired by the Red Hat Ladies and I know they're everywhere so I'm hoping that this item will go fast! More items for ebay coming soon!

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Monday, January 16, 2006

My second e-bay item!

Well I have now put a girls hat on auction at e-bay. It's an adorable hat made of light purple and light blue simply soft yarn. The colors would go great with an Easter outfit or just with jeans and a matching top! As for my first auction item, the baby blanket, no bids yet but there is someone watching it! More items to come!

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

I put my first item on E-bay today!

Today I put my first item on E-bay! I'm so excited about this! I have purchased items from online sites but I have never sold anything. So after talking with my husband, I decided to put something up for auction to see how this all works. I decided to put a crocheted baby blanket up, that I just finished this evening. I'm rather proud of this one! The colors (baby mint green w/ a soft beige border) really compliment each other and will be perfect for a boy or a girl. It has an intricate, stylish shell design with beautiful edging. I really spent some time on this one! The process of setting it up was actually quite easy. Not being a computer whiz, I thought it would be difficult but it was point, click and write a description. That was it! Now I can't wait to see just what it will go for! I'll be putting beaded bookmarks, crocheted RED HAT LADY hats and decorative glass candle holders (all made by me) up for auction between tonight and tomorrow. Let's hope for the best.
You can click on the link below to see my very first auction!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Writing about my site

I love crocheting and making crafts! So I decided to start an online craft store. Carielle's Crafts will be full of all kinds of crocheted items (baby blankets, potholders, afghans, scarf & hat sets, etc.) and also decorative glass candle holders, gift baskets and more! I have never tried this before, opening an online store or blogging and with my husband by my side helping figure all of this out, I'm hoping good things will come from both!